First Chapters

by Tunguska Mammoth

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“First Chapters”, recorded in our own rehearsal studio, serves as an introduction for the band’s forthcoming concept album.

The lyrics are about an apocalypse caused by a meteor that wakes invincible mammoth. Yes. For real.

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released June 16, 2011

Some Review:

"Probably the best canadian stoner/sludge metal EP of 2011, First Chapters is the first offering of Montreal's Tunguska Mammoth. I never heard about those guys before, but they definitely got my attention.

First Chapters is a 3-song, 13+ minutes EP. Because of its duration, I would have called it a demo if it didn't have such a solid production. Recorded in the band's own rehearsal studio, its sound quality is excellent, and without a doubt, it will help the band get a lot of visibility very fast.

Tunguska Mammoth swims in troubled waters between the seas of stoner metal, heavy metal and sludge. It's definitely not old school, although it will appeal to both ol'schoolers and nu'schoolers. In comparison with similar canadian acts such as Bison BC, Buffalo Theory Mtl, or Collider, Tunguska Mammoth has this melodic lead guitar orientation that sets them apart.

It's weird to say, but with such a solid EP, one can only expect the album to come to be a masterpiece. Expectactions are high, guys..."

“Quand "Degenesis", le premier des trois titres de cet EP s'est mis en route, j'imaginais Rocky dans la réserve en train de boxer des bouts de viandes. Un bon gros punch, une bonne dynamique et les guitares ont un groove qui, couplé à la batterie, sonne extraordinairement bien. [...] Il y a une hargne dans leur musique qui n'échappera à personne soulignée par une voix rageuse bien appropriée. Mais ne faisons pas de conclusions hâtives, Tunguska Mammoth c'est aussi l'art de la montée en intensité à l'image de "Dark Age", qui nous pose devant un hardcore vigoureux alternant avec un groove marqué d'une basse juste assez présente pour embellir les coups de baguettes intelligemment placés sur les fûts. L'EP se ferme sur "Mother Earth" [...] très plaisant à l'écoute avec notamment cette guitare qui s'échappe et dont on se demande d'ailleurs si elle va revenir ou non ! Mais c'est que ça serait presque un sans fautes pour ces quatre gaillards ! [...] ”
Kevin - French Metal -

“Here is another great contribution. This time it is the three track EP First Chapters by the Canadian band Tunguska Mammoth. These four guys from Montreal play Hardcore influenced Stoner/Sludge Metal. According to their Facebook page, Tunguska Mammoth is inspired by the following bands: Mastodon, Baroness, Priestess, Clutch, Bison B.C., Crowbar, the bands of Stéphane Vigeant (Karmadooza, Floating Widget, Madking Ludwig), High of Fire, Pelican, Black Sabbath, Doomriders, Kyuss and Groovy Aardvark. This list gives quite an impression of what Tunguska Mammoth is about. They're heavy, brutal and aggressive. The lead guitar player is a true Metal virtuoso. But the other members of this band deserve as much credits. The songs of this EP are pretty impressive. I look forward to their upcoming concept album. ”
Insane Riez - Stoner Rock is Here to Stay -

“Out of the Canadian landscape comes Tunguska Mammoth, which judging by its name should be an explosion of some sort. If you think about an explosion, First Chapters would be like the exact moment before all is blown to smithereens. It is a good way to describe the sound of their music because it often withholds the aggression until the very last minute of detonation. They present us a robust stoner/sludge bang of riffs and suitable flashes of hardcore, especially in the moods expressed in the vocals, with no special tricks up their sleeves or forced shenanigans. Is it pure and simple in terms of its process and while some parts deliver echoes of something we might have heard before, this is, for the most part, a set of solid songs. The catchy and groovy melodies will make an impact but it might be lacking the desired lasting effect on the listener.”
BloodTears - - Clandestine Cuts #12 -

“Questo primo capitolo della storia targata Tunguska Mammoth non fa che aumentare le aspettative, si attende a breve quindi l'album di debutto dei canadesi e se le coordinate sonore del full si mantenessero sulla scia di quelle della breve strada già percorsa, beh, potrebbe scappar fuori un gran bel lavoro, quindi segnatevi il monicker per non dimenticare.”
Aristocrazia webzine -

“The Earth grumbles below as this frenzied stampede of riffs known as Tunguska Mammoth rattles your very being. Underlying this Montreal-based band's seismic heaviness is the band's ability to combine intricate soloing, killer drum fills and ferocious hardcore inflected vocals. I swear that on "Mother Earth" a wailing guitar riff replicates the trumpheting of an elephant. This may be the best 14-plus minutes I have spent listening to music in a long time. Prepare to get crushed!”
Reg - Heavy Planet -

“Have to give props to the wicked Stonerobixx (read it at for turning me onto this absolutely cracking band. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec in French Canada, TM play groove laden sludge metal much in the vein of a proggier, more complex Bison B.C, with shades of everything from Chaos A.D era Sepultura to a more stripped down Red Album- era Baroness, with a pleasingly old school heavy metal feel that compliments their doom laden lyrical imagery perfectly.If they've any sense, Roadrunner'll be snapping these guys up and lashing them out on tour with some much bigger names inside a couple of years . . if they've any sense . . .”
Stephen Bunk O' Connor - Born Again Nihilist -

“As the old adage goes 'man cannot live on bread alone'. The same it true in the world of music, you've gotta mix it up from time to time. Fortunately its seems as though these guys agree. Fusing a mix of well executed metal, stoner rock and a touch of hardcore, Tunguska Mammoth sure hit the 'unique' nail square on the head. […] Big growling and screaming vocals backed with massive beats and aptly mammoth riffs make for one hell of a debut. There's also moments that flash with the likes of Amorphis's style of fantasy space rock [...] That may sound like a bit of a unorthodox clash of styles but it all works, and works really well to boot. There's no doubt in my mind these guys are going to be big. Just this 3 track EP alone blows most of the recent full length releases of similar mainstream bands out of the water. On the face of it that may sound like a bit of a bold statement but go listen for yourself. Trust me, this band are epic. Read more at "Ride with the Devil" Blog.”
Jay - Ride With The Devil -

“Rumbling stoner metal in the likes of Crowbar, Mastodon, High On Fire & a touch of Baroness. This 4 piece from Montréal knows how to pack a punch with their heavy & energetic sound! A rather short 14 minute listen, but a really powerful one...”
Robin - Stonerobixxx -

“First Chapters is only 3 songs long and is on for 14 minutes or so. But it's a brilliant action packed Stoner/Sludge Ride from start to finish. Parts Mastodon, Baroness and High On Fire all done in their unique style and ferocious way. Production is superb. Everything is loud and clear. These guys know how to play their instruments and they play it with the best of the Stoner/Sludge Metal; bands out there. If this is a trailer for their forthcoming debut full length album then put your orders in now as the 3 songs on show are absolute monsters from start to finish. These guys are highly recommended and I for one cant wait to see what unleash with their forthcoming debut album. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.”
The Sludgelord - Sludgelord -

"Tunguska Mammoth are self proclaimed mix of Metal, Hardcore, Stoner Groove and Progressive rock! Their home town is Montreal, Canada and wanting to play their own style of music (not the stuff they were playing in their cover band) Maxime Bellerose, Paolo Di Stefano and Mathieu Savage joined up with drummer Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (probably the coolest names ever!) to form the band we see today.
The first track ‘Dark Age’ gets you built up from the get go, heavy drums combine with a sweet sweet guitar lick that is a blend of Stoner Groove and progressive rock. They deliver from the start. This is matched by an alternating metal riff of punchy deep guitar that matches the previous solo guitar lick. Heavy vocals (the Canadian accent works!) are then introduced and the track builds and builds. The drummer, Pierre-Hugues, is awesome, with some ace double bass and a heavy yet simplistic beat mixed with some killer fills. The opening guitar riff resurfaces here and there and really lifts the track. A nice breakdown really showcases the drumming and the lead guitar, it adds to the intensity of the song rather than introducing a moment of calm. The song finishes on the up and leaves you wanting a load more!
On to track two - Degenesis. The track comes straight in with the metal vocals and to begin with I was disappointed. After a bloody brilliant first track this one seemed a bit too safe and, well, regular. Then the first mini-break starts and the prog rock guitar comes in, suddenly its a completely different track and my heart rate is increasing. These guys have got it spot on. Fast beats, guitar and heavy vocals; it’s all there and it’s all great. These guys infuse all the elements that they claim to and the result is different, energising and refreshing. This track has some great breakdowns, some interesting vocals and some truly excellent instrument work. It all adds up to a brilliant track - just listen to it!
The third and final track in this ‘First Chapters’ album is called Mother Earth. It all kicks off with some fast drumming followed up with heavy guitar riffs. For me the weakest track here, but only because the first two are so good. If it stood on its own it would still be above standard. The breakdown of guitars towards the middle reminds you that this isn’t just another metal band, they are really doing something a bit different. The addition of the progressive rock guitar is what really does this; it adds a flair and another dimension to the music. There is still plenty here for metal fans but enough of a twist to make it accessible to a wider audience.
So to summarise - these guys have produced a three track album that sounds great, I mean technically, not just in the style of music. The recording quality is great and the levels are professional. Their style is different, not just another run of the mill metal band which in my opinion gives them a bit of an edge, it makes you remember them. These three tracks get you pumped up, ready for more with great, and its obvious all the guys can really play. Definitely check them out."
Russ - -



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Tunguska Mammoth Montreal, Québec

Tunguska Mammoth does not come from Siberia, but from Montreal, Canada. Since their creation in October 2010, they put out powerful and modern Stoner/Sludge, with a lot of different influences. After the release of the first EP "First Chapter", the band comes up with their first full length album with more texture, bold riffs, huge tone and a professional recording. ... more

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Track Name: Tunguska Mammoth - Degenesis
The wrath of stars punches the Earth
A streak of fire passes by
Exploding ball of light
Could wake up the dead

Skies set aflame

We hold as we gaze
In the distance, away
Curiosity calls'r name

Crashes and burns
The earth and soon
Flattens the forest
Consumes the land

The wrath of stars punches the Earth
A streak of fire passes by
Exploding ball of light
Could wake up the dead

The wildlife now deaf
Bleeding from inside

The trees shattered
Blown by the sound tide

Flocks of birds drop dead
For miles the ice melts
In the cities, away
Curiosity calls our name

What could this be, a sign
An omen of times to come
No prophecy, prescience
Warned of this one

The wrath of stars punches the Earth
A streak of fire passes by
Exploding ball of light
Could wake up the dead
Track Name: Tunguska Mammoth - Dark Age
And thus
a cloud of dust
In the air
slowly spreads
An envelope
of ashes hot
Coats the sky
smells of death

It's getting cold
A shield of darkness
Covers the globe
So little light comes
The world's crops wither
And as we blame nature
A new Dark Age blossoms

Dark rain
Water and dust
In the air Slowly descends
Looking up
Eyes bloodshot
Darkness and despair
Slowly spreads

It's getting cold
A shield of darkness
Covers the globe
So little light comes
The world's crops wither
And as we blame nature
A new Dark Age blossoms

Charred remains
Wood and flesh
Their last breath
Sun is veiled
The earth wrapped
And despair
Slowly spreads

It's getting cold
A shield of darkness
Covers the globe
So little light comes
The world's crops wither
And as we blame nature
A new Dark Age blossoms
Track Name: Tunguska Mammoth - Mother Earth
Under the black skies of today
An endless night of black and gray
We wait, expecting a change of pace
Soon enough, be saved or taken away
Soon enough, be saved or taken away

Earthquake, by planet embraced
Dancing buildings, in a horrific ballet
Cities, expecting a change of pace
Fool enough, were razed and taken away

Mother Earth wreaks havoc

Over the sound of panic
Streets overflowing
Havens of stone and brick
Heavens are falling

Volcanos vomit boiling rock
Animals afraid run amok
Mother Earth wreaks havoc
Reveals in the ground a deep cut

Mother Earth wreaks havoc